Wednesday Word – mim

So, it’s been a while… Nearly a year. Sorry, but grad school is busy. Anyway, here’s a new Wednesday Word…on a Tuesday. I’ll get back to a regular schedule soon.


Previously, in the post on mar, I mentioned the particle/adverb mim*. I’m calling this an irresultative, but it’s also got some more subtle things wrapped up into it. (See here for another example of such a thing, though independently conceived.)

To translate mim, at least generally, it conveys a meaning like “tried to” to the verb. When mim is used, the action or state described by the verb is in some way not satisfied to its prototypical fullness. This can be a marker of (most obviously) failure to complete the action:

U mim e.
u      mim        e
he      go.PST.PFV
He tried to go.  

Lai Aiev dai mim aibe.
lai                    Aie-v              dai               mim         aib-e
3S.F.NOM     hand-ACC     1S.GEN       grab-PST.PFV
She tried to grab my hand/She grabbed at my hand.

It can indicate that the action was completed but that the speaker was not satisfied with the outcome:
Mal ksir mim aidau.
mal         ksir                 mim         aid-au
we           each.other        kiss-PST.PFV
We tried to kiss each other. (Like the above examples)
but it could also have the meaning:
We kissed, but there was no chemistry.

*The matching with the thematic vowel of the verb no longer applies to this word. So all instances are simply mim.


Audio pending.

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