Lexember 2016

Woah. It’s been a whole year since my last post. Let’s just say graduate school and life tend to get in the way of conlanging.

Anyway, since it’s the most wonderful time of the year, I give you the first half of Lexember, 2016 edition:

1 –       pauno – to bring attention to; to alert; to warn; to forebode
Paunon – warning; omen; attention

2 –       eradha – deliver good news (lit. something along the lines of “to word well”)
            dveradha – deliver bad news (lit. something along the lines of “to word poorly”)

3 –       cada – to take by force
            gala – to get (as a gift)
            Ngagala – gift; present
            do – to get through deliberate actions; to earn (of items); to forage

4 –       zëdha – to smoke tobacco or other plants (cite: MrKrov)
Nazëdha – tobacco, cigars
            Nazëdhak – pipe for smoking tobacco

5 –       Tluka – unification, collaboration, common ground, consensus (of political parties,    government bodies, scientific bodies, etc.) (cite: Creyeditor, Modern Omlut)
zir tluka (reflexive) – to unify, find common ground/consensus, to collaborate

6 –       Ob – leaf (of a tree), page (of a book), scroll (cite: Dezinaa, Otvei)

7 –       Chen – blood (red liquid inside bodies) (cite: Ebon, At’elas)
Chenet – family, kin (lit. out of blood)

8 –      zir henge (reflexive) – to keep a secret, to be secretive
Heng – secret
           kaule – to lie; to be dishonest; to be untrue (kaules attributively)

9 –       ine – to be honest (of a person; inen attributively)
drebe – to be true (of a statement; dreben attributively)
Dréb – truth, honesty (of either)

10 –     Kainedh dai dve i – to wear me down; to exhaust me (lit. to go against my soul)
Kaine-dh         dai                   dve                  i
soul-ASS        1S.GEN          against             go.PRS

11 –     Dhak – tongue (to.taste-instrument)
duo – to be heavy (of weight) (duon attributively)
ice – to be light (of weight) (ices attributively)
Dhak lai duo. – She can’t keep a secret. (lit. Her tongue is heavy.)
Dhak uai ice. – He can be trusted. (lit. His tongue is heavy.)

12 –     uide – to rush/do something speedily

13 –     etoipe – to catch up/make up for one’s short comings/to do penance


Maybe when I have time, I’ll attach sound recordings.

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