Hi! My name is Matt. This blog focuses primarily on my constructed language(s) [conlang(s)] and the conworld they are spoken in/on. I cannot say that I won’t post about natural languages, other conlangs or even topics unrelated to language.

Disclaimer: I’m not a linguist and I have no formal linguistics training whatsoever.

When I’m not making languages, I’m a scientist. I’m currently in a PhD program at Northwestern where I’m studying fungal natural products. It’s some sweet stuff. I also enjoy wine (and beer increasingly), cooking and reading (though I can’t seem to find enough time). I only speak English (L1) and German (L2), though I have a fair degree of comfort with French. And I’ve just begun teaching myself Homeric Greek (let’s hope that goes well).

Mychai (said [mɪ.’χai] ) is the primary constructed language (conlang) spoken by a fictitious group of people that live on a fictitious planet. I’ve been working on Mychai for nearly a decade now.

Ge’wa’txo, Ntalî, Tipek and a fifth conlang are also minor projects that I haven’t quite gotten to yet, but I will.


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